It's an insurance dog. A car insurance sleuth. A portmanteau. A term that doesn't mean anything, like Häagen-Dazs. We've heard many explanations. So why not go directly to the source?

Turns out the best part about the word "CoverHound" is that everyone has his/her own idea about what it means.

Here's what team members said when asked independently "What does CoverHound mean?"

Jeff: It's like a bloodhound -- except it's got a keen sense of insurance coverage.

Rory: When Basil first told me about CoverHound, I instantly saw the connection to insurance on the internet. As a marketer I knew I could instantly capitalize on the confusion associated with the success of top brands such as hoveround, and the covers of Elvis' Hound Dog.

Josh: We're hounding you to get the best coverage. And then we'll run fast to find it for you.

Basil: Noun -- a renegade robot dog that helps people make smarter insurance decisions without the hassle.

Keith: Cover - opposite of expose. Hound - man's best friend. CoverHound is a loyal internet friend making sure you don't expose yourself to the bad customer experiences normally associated with car insurance shopping. CoverHound means making sure your dog is covered in case someone steals his car, and while you're at it, how about some nice insurance for you too?

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