Insurance Learning Center

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Auto insurance can be confusing so it makes sense that everyone has questions. To help you find the best auto insurance for you, the CoverHound team has put together a series of articles guides and How To’s covering just about every car insurance topic under the sun including a page that's dedicated just to car insurance in your state.

Whether you're a student, single mom or retiree or looking to insure a classic car, a sports car or a 4x4 -- we've got you covered.

Our auto insurance guides and articles are designed to make auto insurance easier to understand and are written in every day language -- not industry jargon that nobody gets. We're car insurance experts and our goal is to make the knowledge accessible to all.

Car insurance providers have certain flags that could boost your monthly premium -- such as commute distance, marital status, grade-point average, etc -- and you’ll be best served coming in to the process with a wealth of information so you can protect the bottom line.

Similarly, there are many things you can do to lower your rates, such as paying your parking tickets on time and reminding your policy-holder that you’re a teacher (if you’re a teacher).

Regardless, our goal here is to arm you with information so you can make your own decisions along the road to finding the best car insurance policy for you and your family.

Did you know that GMAC Insurance is the first carrier to come directly from the auto industry?