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Our tools put your brand alongside the best insurance shopping experience and create a significant new revenue channel.

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CoverHound offers a range of tools to help power your insurance channel.

Basic Widgets

Our basic embeddable widgets are available in common banner sizes (ie - 728x90, 250x250, etc.) and enable you to provide instant estimates on your site with little input by the consumer.

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Storefront Widgets

Storefront widgets offer a more robust experience and collect all the info needed for a quote on your site, resulting in a one click-to-quote experience on

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Your developers will love our easy-to-use APIs that power a more customized experience:

Estimate API: Integrate real-time estimates into your application with minimal input by your consumers (as little as a zip code).

Lead API: Post a full lead to CoverHound and we'll pass back an estimate as well as fulfillment options, via phone or web.

Quote API: Offer the CoverHound experience on your very own site. Pass in a full lead and we'll pass back quotes and payment details by carrier as well as simple fulfillment options, via phone or web.

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