Good news: CoverHound is growing! We've added a few more people who we've already introduced on the blog: Laura, Alysha, and Joe. But what else does an expanding company need? More space!

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Our new office is located in the SOMA neighborhood, right on 2nd street and close to Mission Street. Our old office was in the South Park area, not too far away. We've got a lot of new restaurants to check out and (big bonus for us employees), and we're right next to the Bart station. The biggest difference, however, is the size. This new space is about 3 times the size of the old place! Definitely something to get used to, but clearly something we needed. Now we have the room to fit more people!

This summer is just full of good news! Our CEO, Basil, and CMO, Rory, went to Finovate earlier this summer to present our new Insurance Storefront, which we recently launched. As mentioned before, we added three new people in our San Francisco office and will be adding more to the Westlake office soon. We're also looking at more conferences for the fall and some in-person events. All in all, this summer is a time of growth and product development.

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