Texting and driving penalties

Texting while driving causes 1.6 million accidents each year, according to the National Safety Council. Yes, you read that right. This is an extremely alarming statistic, which is one of the main reasons certain states are developing harsh penalties to keep the roads safer.

In Alaska, texting and driving can result in a $10,000 fine and a YEAR in prison. That’s enough to make anyone stop a bad habit!

These states follow Alaska in severity, according to OnlineAutoInsurance.com:

Utah: Maximum $750 fine and a 90-day jail sentence
Maine: Maximum $500 fine
Wisconsin: Maximum $400 fine, plus 4 points added to your license
New York: Maximum $235 fine, plus 3 points added to your license
Note, these are all for the first offense

Also, the punishment in many states goes up if there is damage and or injury.

These are the states with the weakest penalty, according to OnlineAutoInsurance.com:

Virginia: Penalty is $20
Iowa: Maximum $30 fine
Indiana: Maximum $35.50 fine
Delaware: Maximum $50 fine
Pennsylvania: Maximum $50 fine
Note, these are all for the first offense

The reality is texting while driving is not safe. OnlineAutoInsurance.com says the risk of getting into a crash is 23 times higher if you are texting behind the wheel. Pay attention to the road, don’t get distracted and as always, make sure you have proper auto insurance coverage for when accidents do occur.

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