Rory leads the marketing efforts here at CoverHound. We recently sat down for a frank discussion near the couch between the water cooler and our desks.

Best job: CoverHound

Worst job: Paperboy - Not as glorious as the Nintendo game made it seem.

Favorite Cable TV Show: Of course that's a seasonal question. Right now, Breaking Bad.

Guilty pleasure website(s):Quora, Yelp, Grantland, MetsBlog, JetsBlog

What’s the best book you've read recently? Juliet, Naked. Big Hornby fan.

How did you meet up with Basil and Joel to become a founding partner of CoverHound? I used to buy leads from Basil in my last role managing online marketing for an insurance carrier. Basil was a great partner. In our time working together, we pushed through a lot of data-driven optimizations all the while commiserating on how broken online comparison shopping for insurance had become. He reached out to me shortly after leaving Insweb to found CoverHound, and quickly got me excited about joining the startup. Joel had already been working on the project. It's been awesome working with him since day one. He is a top-notch engineer, and his lead gen experience is going to be especially helpful in making us an industry leader.

What's your favorite part of marketing CoverHound? All too often product and marketing are not in step. I knew that joining the project early would really allow me to get my hands dirty with product development and help shape the value propositions I would be marketing. Secondly, as a consumer, I am truly psyched about the product we are building. We are making the marketplace more efficient and consumers are going to love us for it. As a result, our message to consumers can remain transparent and straightforward -- We don't need to trick the customer into thinking they'll like our service because we know as soon as they try it, they will realize its utility, and hopefully become an advocate for our brand.

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