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We’re pleased as punch to introduce you to Patty DiMolfetta! Patty sat down with us to discuss her experience as an accountant, and the path that led her to becoming CoverHound’s SVP of finance. Patty explains why finding success is about more than your job title, and if you want to be a mover and a shaker, you shouldn’t be afraid to work outside of your role.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Ever since I was a kid, I was very organized and meticulous. My crayons always had to be sharpened to the same point, at the same height. I’m still that organized today. I loved finance. So much so that I majored and earned an accounting degree in college! After school, I worked for Ernst & Young and later became a CPA. I love my career choice. There isn’t anything else I can see myself doing.

What sparked your interest in insurance?

When you work for a big accounting firm like Ernst & Young, accountants are funneled into different industries. By luck of the draw, my biggest client was MetLife. When I left Ernst & Young, I joined MetLife and worked there for 11 years. I loved it. While with MetLife, I became familiar with insurance from the auditor/CPA side and worked my way up, becoming a controller.

What brought you to CoverHound originally?

After a decade with MetLife, I joined another company, where I met Keith Moore, CoverHound’s future CEO. Keith and I have always worked very well together. After a few years, I left that company and decided to take a short break. Within 15 minutes of changing my LinkedIn status to “available,” Keith texted me, asking if I was looking for a new job. A week later, I was working at CoverHound’s Westlake office. It’s the best job ever. I love what I’m doing, and where I’m working. Life is good!

What makes you want to stay?

August was my one-year anniversary, and frankly, there isn’t another company that compares. I’ve always been passionate about what I do, but finding the right company to work for is very important to me. Accounting is all about ethics and honesty. These are traits that are very important to me, and very important to CoverHound. I can honestly say, CoverHound is the place that I want to retire.

How is CoverHound different from other places you’ve worked?

At other companies, it wasn’t okay to fail and try new things. Here at CoverHound, I feel that, whether it’s engineering, accounting, or the call center, there are times when we need to take risks. We need to take risks to be able to leap ahead in what we’re doing. We’re encouraged to try new things. If they don’t work out, you have learned something valuable from that experience, and you press on. We’re also encouraged to ask questions, brainstorm, and resolve departmental issues. CoverHound’s employees are dedicated and loyal; I know they will always do the right thing. We also have the best CEO, but maybe I’m biased!

How have your life experiences made you the leader you are today?

My parents immigrated from Italy in the 1960s for their jobs. They were very hard workers, and they raised me with the same work ethic. I learned not to procrastinate or be lazy. My Italian upbringing taught me to be nice and respect everyone.

Everyone has their own talent, whatever it is. Though you might not realize what their talent is immediately, everyone should be appreciated for what they have to offer. I also believe that you get what you give. I try to incorporate that into my leadership style. It would be interesting to see what my employees would say, haha!

What’s something surprising about you that we don’t know?

Italian was my first language. I learned how to speak English in kindergarten. I still speak Italian fluently, and chat with my mom every day.

What sets you apart from other accountants?

I refer to myself as an accountant, but at almost every job I’ve had, I’ve never just been an accountant. Earlier in my career, when I was working for a previous company, I lived near the office. I volunteered to be the point of contact should an alarm go off, or if something happened at the office after hours.

On a quiet Saturday, the fire alarm went off. The alarm system was triggered because the building’s sprinkler system was low on water. As it turned out, the sprinkler system was low on water because someone had stolen the copper pipes that connected to the building’s water system.

The company, like CoverHound, had a call center. If the office wasn’t ready for business come Monday, we would lose money. To comply with city regulations, I learned we needed two things: running water and working restrooms. I rented portable toilets with attachable portable sinks, and had them delivered to our parking lot. On Monday morning, we were open for business. I will do anything to get the job done, even if it’s not in the job description.

What advice do you have for young professionals?

Try to learn what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, try something else. You should be proud of your work.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Patty! We’re lucky to have you as a member of our growing CoverHound family!

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