Enjoying the scenery at the Westlake Village office, where the heart of CoverHound’s agency operations is located, is a rite of passage for all new CoverHound team members.

In an effort to truly teach every team member about how the business works, all new hires, regardless of department, visit the Westlake Village office to learn how the sales, customer service, and quality assurance departments function as a whole. Right from the beginning, I knew that CoverHound took employee education and empowerment very seriously, and that is definitely unique to the insurance sales space on CoverHound’s level.

Naturally, I was very excited to learn about the business, and see the CoverHound process in action. My first visit to Westlake Village, however, was also my first official day working with CoverHound. Everything was new to me, including the flight from San Francisco to Burbank.

While I was definitely in adventure mode after leaving the airport with new friends and co-workers, I did feel a bit nervous about meeting the operations team, which had a lot more people than the team I met during my initial interviews.

I must admit, I knew CoverHound was doing something groundbreaking that truly helped people in measurable ways. Sure, insurance is not the sexiest industry in the world, but it’s necessary and important. I also knew that CoverHound paid very special attention to the technology behind their product, and as someone who enjoys web development and technology as a whole, the company instantly caught my attention as a cool tech start-up.

I wondered if the people working at the office were walking insurance agent stereotypes, if the coffee was really bland, if the office was boring, or if people weren’t having any fun because… well, insurance.

Like any person at a new job, I smiled and went with it. And like any person at a new job, I realized that I was worried for no real reason whatsoever. Everyone I met was welcoming, pleasant, helpful, and very energetic-a far cry from the ‘insurance agent stereotype’ that I initially thought I might’ve encountered. There was also a familial vibe around the office: people would joke about the evening before, there were inside jokes that everyone seemed to be able to participate with, playful banter between the team members, and everyone in the team seemed to have mastered the art of balancing friendliness with professionalism perfectly.

Outside of the welcoming nature of the team, I also noticed something that made me realize why CoverHound has grown continuously these past five years: everyone who works for the company seems to actually care about what they’re doing, and genuinely wants to help shoppers find simple and transparent solutions for their individual insurance needs.

I spent the day either listening to phone calls, or participating in meetings and lectures with Ashley and Dennis, CoverHound’s newest Customer Communications Manager and Marketing Intern respectively. As my knowledge in insurance is a bit lacking, I had to pay very special attention to the Insurance Advisors as they went through the sales process, accepted requests from shoppers, and generally went through their daily tasks.

I listened to Gabriel, one of CoverHound’s top Insurance Advisors, speak to a shopper who was not very happy with her current insurance rate. The shopper made it known that she was looking for better coverage and was willing to pay higher rates if necessary, but had barely any time or know-how to understand what her options were. Gabriel explained to her that these types of situations are one of the reasons why CoverHound is so helpful to shoppers- after a few questions, a few clicks, and some small talk, the woman was on her way to a policy that saved her a solid amount of cash and actually increased her insurance coverage to fit her exact needs. No nonsense whatsoever.

I stayed in Westlake for three days to learn about CoverHound’s process, initiatives, core values and general ethos, and I really enjoyed the entire trip thanks to the team at Westlake and the new friends I made along the way.

Overall, visiting the Westlake Village team was very rewarding, and it allowed me to quickly realize just how much CoverHound has grown over the years, and why fighting for an interview to become the company’s Online Marketing Manager was truly worth it.

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