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In 2015, we partnered with the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Overseas College program to bring on an intern. It’s a program where students from NUS embark on a 1 year internship and gain entrepreneurial experience in different startup environments across the globe. While the students work, they also study at a top-tier university - our interns studied at Stanford. The program was such a success for us that our first intern, Dennis, was hired full-time and in 2016 we brought in two new interns, Chuxin and Ziyun, from the program.

But don’t listen to us. Here’s more on their experiences - in their own words.


I’m Dennis from National University of Singapore (NUS) and I was asked to write about my internship experience with CoverHound.

I was lucky to be selected for the Silicon Valley program where I was given the opportunity to experience working in a startup and to take some entrepreneurship classes in Stanford University. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I left my first company but I was fortunate to find CoverHound and I became their first intern for the internship program, working under Jeana Deninger, our current Chief Operations Officer.

I enjoyed my internship experience with the company because the people on my team were a pleasure to work and interact with. They’re always willing to help out regardless of what the request is. Despite being an intern, I was given opportunities to challenge myself, learn and grow in areas that I was interested in.

The best takeaway that I got from my internship and as a full-time employee in CoverHound is: empowering people and setting them up for success promotes job satisfaction and happiness at work.


I am a final year business analytic student from National University of Singapore (NUS). I was enrolled in the NUS Overseas College (NOC) program last year. I chose to work in San Francisco Bay area because there are many technological startups that are trying to change the landscape of different industry, and my interests lie in technology.

The one-year experience was exceptional. I was hired as a Business Analyst Intern by CoverHound, which is a platform that sells P&C insurance online. When I joined the company there were 60 employees, but by the end of the internship there were more than 100 people. I learned about startup expansion and how technological solutions are changing the insurance industry. Furthermore, while we always use ‘fake’ data and make a lot of assumptions in school projects, this internship allowed me to work with real world data and make a difference in the organization.

My favorite part of the internship experience was experiencing the culture of the company - it is very open and trusting. My manager and colleagues would listen to my opinions and thoughts. They always asked me whether there was anything I’d like to work on. I used to have bi-weekly meetings with my supervisors and they always make sure that I enjoy doing my work and that I can learn something from it. During the one year I learned about insurance, UI design, and product management. I am very grateful for this program and to have worked in CoverHound. It was an invaluable learning experience!


I am Ziyun, a current undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. In my 3rd year of undergraduate studies, I went on the NUS NOC overseas college programme, and embarked on a journey to Silicon Valley. CoverHound was one of our school’s partner universities, and I was immediately attracted to how my interviewers were friendly, approachable and willing to align the job scope to my interests.

I was fortunate to join them at a period of rapid growth, and it was exciting to witness the day to day changes in such a fast-paced environment. With the launch of many new products and launch strategy, I got to work on various projects of different nature, and got a lot of exposure to the marketing, product and technological perspectives of developing a technology start-up company. Most importantly, the people in CoverHound are not only dedicated to their work, but also very willing to listen and help us interns who are still on the learning journey.

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