Quinn morrison

We are thrilled to introduce you to Quinn Morrison! She is our new Cultural and Administrative Manager. I chatted with Quinn to get to know her better, and here's what she had to say.

Tell me about where you grew up? Where do you live now? How long have you lived in the Bay Area, and what brought you here?

I grew up in the SoCal beach town of Encinitas. When I was a kid, it wasn’t quite as posh as it is today, but I love calling it home and visiting my folks. Currently, I live in El Sobrante, over in the East Bay. Not a lot of folks know where that is, but it feels like the country with the exception that Karl the Fog (SF Fog) provides some spectacular views and reminds me that I’m not far away from all the amenities of a big city. The Bay Area has been my home for about 11 years now, originally residing in Sonoma County as a Sonoma State student. That experience convinced me that NorCal was the place for me.

What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do on your time off?

I probably have too many interests, which keeps me from making any of them true hobbies. Some of my preferred activities call for being outdoors. Rock climbing, camping, backpacking or even taking the dogs to the park brings me a lot of joy. My recent time off has been spent on making my house a home. One year of home ownership down, a lifetime to go!

Favorite vacation you've been on?

Tough call, but I’ll say that I am lucky enough to visit one of my favorite places on the planet once a year with my family--San Felipe, Mexico. We have been camping on the beach of a riverbed for as long as I can remember. We refer to it as crab cake camping,since we have vacationed there so many times, we have the logistics down to a fine art.

What's your dream vacation?

Gosh, hitting me with all the hard questions! Thailand. I’ve got some bucket list items that include riding an elephant and rock climbing via water entry near Railay Beach. If you fall, you just hit water! Of course I would also take the time to relax at a picturesque spa and indulge in local cuisine. (Ditto!)

If you could pick any actress to play you in a feature film, who would it be and why?

Easy. Jennifer Lawrence. She is so relatable, and her Hollywood interview responses are exactly how I imagine I would respond to such prying questions. She is also humble, remaining in awe and almost star struck of other actors. (love her!)

What's your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate! I can eat an entire box of truffles if someone doesn’t stop me. (Ditto!)

If you won the lottery today, what's the first thing you would buy or do?

Hire a financial planner! I’d want know how much spendable money I would end up with after taxes. Then I would probably go on my dream vacation, pay off bills for myself and family/friends, then keep working every day. I don’t think I would change much of how my life is, I’d just be able to buy more of my favorite wine to call 'daily drinking wine.'

If you could go back in time to any moment or time period, what would it be and why?

I’d go back to when my grandfather was still around. He was my number one fan, and I would want to tell him everything I’ve accomplished. He always shared the best advice and life stories, which in a lot of ways, contribute to who I am today.

Do you have any pets?

Two and a half dogs. Half because one technically belongs to my roommate, but we all take care of the puppy pack equally. My two girls include Ellie, the seven-year-old Chocolate Lab, English Bulldog mix and the senior of the crew, and Havoc, the 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback that was a gift from my fiancé. Ellie’s personality can be easily explained by her endearing underbite and yes, Havoc lives up to her name. Her favorite chew toys involve metal.

What brought you to CoverHound?

I was introduced to CoverHound through Merritt. We worked together at another company and started on the same day, sharing the onboarding experience. After Merritt left we stayed in touch, and when we were catching up with each other one day, she glowed when talking about CoverHound. Coincidentally, they were in need of some admin, culture fostering and HR support. I couldn’t have written a better job description that advertised a dream role for me. It’s only been one week, and I know the fit is perfect. The mission and values are inspiring, and the people are driven. I’m excited to be part of the team and looking forward to growing with CoverHound.

Quinn, we are so happy that you joined CoverHound! Your enthusiastic spirit is a true joy to be around!

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