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We're super psyched to add another engineer to the team. And we liked Joe so much that we moved him out from the tropics of Minnesota. I sat down with the man of hour on the couch next to the kitchen for a coffee klatsch.

Previous job: Developed tools for supporting and utilizing a massive data warehouse at SuperValu, a grocery retailer and distributor.

Best job: Software engineering intern at MTS Systems, got to tackle challenging problems on software for aeronautical structural testing and vehicle durability testing.

Worst job: I've been lucky, never had too bad of a job, although retail at a big box store would be the worst of what I've done.

Favorite TV Show on Premium Cable Network: "Don't really have one," he says though I don't really believe him.

Guilty pleasure website: Hacker News

Why do you like working in Ruby on Rails? I like opinionated software, it is an active and energetic community, and Ruby makes me happy.

Which actor would play Joe Sims in the Joe Sims story? Matt Damon

Favorite book you've read in the last three years: The Pragmatic Programmer

Why are you jazzed about CoverHound? Great team building a great product!

Thanks for sitting down with me Joe -- now stop helping out the marketing folks and get to work!

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