Josh was a welcomed addition to our team in August. He was the Senior Managing Editor at QuinStreet, where he led content operations in the Education vertical. Before that he was the Senior Editor at Knewton. As a self-proclaimed “startup guy” he was psyched to join the small but growing team at CoverHound.

Job at CoverHound: Vice President of Communications

Best job: I really liked working @Knewton. Lots of smart people there, and of course the vision is aspirational. But I’d have to say my best job was coaching 7th grade hoops team at my alma mater a few years back. Talk about moving the needle...

Worst job: I worked at a convenience store one summer while in college. I was so tall the cigarette rack obscured my face behind the counter.

Favorite TV Show on Premium Cable Network: Hmm where to start? I loved Game of Thrones. Battlestar Galactica is a must. Currently firing through Breaking Bad. Rome was too short but great.

Guilty pleasure website(s): Mostly dorky, data-driven basketball blogs. I’m an NBA junky.

Why do you like working with web content? Because it’s just sorting itself out. I love to edit; I’ll always be a semi-colon guy. But when it comes to digital content as an asset for a company, we’re all figuring out content syndication, SEO and social media together. I am suspicious of any dogma, and like learning about it every day.

What’s a sleeper novel you’ve read recently? Giraffe by J.M. Ledgard. It’s spectacular.

Why are you jazzed about CoverHound? Quite simply, I think CoverHound is a really good idea. While I have solid experience in the content world, I am new to car insurance and knew as little as everyone else when I started. There really is a need for branded destination for everyone to find car insurance. And we’re going to work our butts off to make sure it’s us.

Sadly, Josh moved on to Crushpath, a social marketing platform for small businesses. Learn more about the current CoverHound team.

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