The short answer is sometimes, and just by a little bit. In the past we've shown exactly how much other ranking factors -- such as getting married, working from home, getting a DUI, etc -- move your rate, so this time we decided to give your day job a look.

In our study, the average unemployed driver paid $145.03 a month for car insurance. A "business executive" paid exactly the same amount. So while your former CEO might get a better seat at Carnegie Hall, you can rest easy knowing she's not getting any discounts on car insurance.

There are, however, some professions that do yield discounts on auto coverage, though they are small. The average teacher pays $142.83 monthly or 1.52% less than the unemployed person.

Doctors, those archetypes of professional aptitude, pay on average $141.68 every month, or 2.31% less than someone with no job.

Police officers earned the biggest discount according to our study. Those charged with protecting our streets pay on average $140.94 every month, 2.82% less than the average unemployed dude on the couch.

This chart illustrates how small the discounts are; one carrier doesn't even care what you do for a living...

Car insurance by job

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