The other day, while backpacking through the North Pole, I was able to sneak into Santa’s workshop and somehow get a glimpse of our team member’s requests before a gaggle of elves escorted me off the premises while admonishing me to let them do their job.

Hopefully the great bearded one will bring my colleagues what they want -- although he does always seem to up clutch.

Greg: My daughter to magically wake up potty trained! Star Wars Trilogy Blu-Ray (though I'll never have the time to watch it) Nice bottle of scotch Steak dinner at Arnie Morton's Trash compacter (literally, mine is broken and they are expensive)

Basil The iRobot Looj - because gutters don't clean themselves. The sphero, a robotic ball controlled by my iphone. our cat will go nuts.

Jeff This behemoth

Rory A CoverHound superbowl commercial

And before the little green men (respectfully) prodded me to leave Santa's campus, I was able to sneak in to the following requests for myself.

Josh The Steve Jobs bio by Walter Isaacson (though I've read mixed reviews) Gear to run in when it's cold The return of sanity to the National Basketball Association

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