Hiring more female engineers seems to be a huge topic of discussion as the gender imbalance in the tech industry is notorious. There are many reasons to close that gap such as studies showing increased creativity in a diverse team. How to actually achieve a more balanced ratio, however, is a lot less clear cut. There have been various things companies have tried in order to balance the ratio, but what works and what doesn't is still fairly nebulous.

Maybe you are a woman or man looking to improve the ratio at your workplace or perhaps you are a hiring company who wants to attract more women engineers. We certainly are interested in this topic, and we invite you to join us at a forum next Tuesday where we will be discussing strategies for approaching supervisors on gender ratio topics as well as how to attract and retain female engineers.

This forum will be co-hosted with Femgineers April 2, 2013 from 6-9pm @ our office located at 143 2nd St. Second Floor, SF, CA 94105.

We look forward to learning more about these issues as well as bouncing ideas with you on how to solve them.

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