As someone who spends a lot of time both writing about car insurance and reading reams of info on Twitter, I feel quite qualified to extract the worst and most common insurance tweets from the smoky ether.

I have done just that below. Not trying to hurt any feelings here, just hoping to up everyone's game.

Lame insurance tweet

1) This one is by far the most popular, tweeted dozens of times daily by people who must somehow think it’s brand new. Sure, it’s funny -- especially if you’re not into morality (or mortality). I personally find it difficult to pick apart any Marxian ethos, but this one might have some serious ramifications, like getting hunted down by the police for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Annoying insurance tweet

2) This Chad Ochocinco tweet was the first time I heard of this koan. I giggled and even retweeted it from the CoverHound corporate account. But since then I’ve seen this one HUNDRES of times; not sure if Ochocinco started the wave or merely crested it. Regardless, the answer would be both because what happens if the poor Transformer just gets a little hurt?

Unfunny insurance tweet

3) Sorry, but I don’t find this one funny at all. Look at all those retweets; the bar for humour here is lower than it is during a wedding speech. You don’t have to clap here, people. Also this shtick -- brother’s cousin’s whatever -- has been around since way before Twitter. Apparently it deserved a wider audience.

Bad insurance tweet

4) We see this one a lot, in its varying forms. We feel your pain, and that’s why we created CoverHound. :)

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