By now it is well known that women pay less for car insurance than men do. Men, at least according to the actuarial data used by insurance carriers, make larger and more frequent claims on their policies -- generally as a result of driving more aggressively.

But how about a female-only analysis? How about women as they age? At what age does a woman get the best rate?

Well CoverHound data has the answers to all these questions, and others. Straight from our platform.

  • Women under 25 pay the most. Youngest drivers are always the most expensive to insure.

  • Women pay the least for auto insurance around the age of 55.

  • The pivotal ages for women and their car insurance payments are 25 and 65. Rates go down a total of 24% from age of 21 to 25. Men aren’t the only folks who calm down with age. Rates go up 19% between ages 65 and 75.

  • Between the ages of 25 and 55 the average monthly car insurance bill for a woman drops 19%. The reason, aside from generally maturity, is the likely presence of children in the car, which causes people to drive much more safely.

So while it is true that men pay more for car insurance than women do -- on average 12% more, and pay $15,000 more over the course of a driving lifetime -- women’s prices vacillate within the gender according to age (all other things equal).

For women, their rates go down consistently between the ages of 25 and 55, before going back up as drivers enter their golden years.

Here is an article on how men's car insurance rates change with age.

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