We asked our community members -- both on our homepage on Facebook -- “Who/what is your favorite car insurance carrier brand mascot?” And the people have spoken, so let’s look at what they had to say.

It’s hardly shocking that the Geico Gecko is the favorite mascot among the CoverHound ecosystem; the ads are pretty darn funny. The acerbic green lizard was favorited by more than 30% of those polled.

In second place, with 21.2 percent of the vote, was the earnest and steely Dennis Haysbert from Allstate. This is somewhat surprising in that CoverHound visitors tend to skewer younger, while Dennis’s message of security and trust seems to be geared toward older folks.

LeBron James might be a big fan of Progressive’s Flo, but her attractiveness to the CoverHound community was only middling. We’re not sure if King James voted for Flo in our poll, but 18.2% of the group certainly did.

The General and Erin Esurance tied for the last spot with 15.2 of the vote, each. This could be seen as a win for The General, considering how much more Erin has had spent on her behalf in terms of branding.

Of course these preferences are bound to change with time. With the Super Bowl coming up, there’s a good chance one of these carriers will hit it out of the park with an awesome commercial, shooting the mascot up the rankings with the wind at its sails. And speaking of Super Bowl commercials, at this rate you may have to keep an eye out for CoverHound’s next year!

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