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Most commonly stolen cars

Most Commonly Stolen Cars

[INFOGRAPHIC]Thousands of cars get stolen every year and even with insurance coverage, some drivers never get their car back. Certain cars are stolen at a higher rate than others, but all drivers should be aware of how they can reduce their chances of getting their car stolen.

How usage based programs can save you on your auto insurancepremium 554x317

How Usage-Based Programs Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Wouldn’t you love to have a lower auto insurance premium for the same value? Do you consider yourself to be a safe driver? If you answered yes to both of these questions, a usage-based auto insurance program may be a solution for you. A new way to lower your auto insurance premium is through usage based insurance programs.

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Costs of electric cars

Counting the Costs of Electric Cars

[INFOGRAPHIC] When it comes to the auto industry, it's clear that more consumers are liking electric vehicles and other alternative fuel choices. Touting long mileage on a single charge and the promise of never paying at the pump, drivers might be excited by the potential savings on gas and maintenance. What drivers need to consider are not only the long-term fuel savings, but the upfront costs as well.

Coverhound infographic 557x317

What's Impacting Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

[INFOGRAPHIC] We analyzed car insurance cost data among leading insurance brands, using results from nearly 34,000 auto shoppers. What did we find? Demographics make a difference in your premiums!