Steps before spring vacation

Rising temperatures and melting snow have presented homeowners with the perfect opportunity to start planning their spring vacations. But just because Old Man Winter has come and gone doesn't mean you and your family can do the same. Packing up the car and leaving on a whim without a few precautionary measures may inadvertently put your home at risk. And there would be nothing as disheartening as returning from a fun-filled vacation to find you must file an insurance claim to cover any damages your home incurred during your absence.

Here are some simple ways you can prevent a home insurance claim this spring:

Coordinate with neighbors
Whether it's a burglary, house fire or any suspicious activity going on around your home, your neighbors will likely be the first line of defense to protect against insurance claims while you're gone. Speak with neighbors before you leave and ask them to collect any mail and be on the lookout for potential dangers. This will help combat theft and break-ins, thus reducing the likelihood of you having to file a claim after the fact.

Set the alarm
Perhaps the best thing you can do before you depart is to make sure all your alarms are functioning properly and they are accurately set. This goes for security systems, as well as fire and gas detectors. With an alarm, thieves are less likely to follow through in their pursuit to steal or damage your belongings.

Further, if there is a gas leak or a small fire that breaks out, alarms will sound, alerting neighbors and the proper authorities. These failsafe measures keep your home protected in the event of crimes and accidents, in addition to eliminating the need for you to file a homeowners insurance claim.

Double check all appliances
Another important item you should keep in mind is that of appliances. Without warning, a faulty electrical wire can send a spark through anything that is plugged in. As a result, a fire can break out and burn your cherished home to the ground. That's why any unused appliances should be unplugged before departure.

On the other hand, refrigerators and freezers should be left plugged in, but switched to energy-savings mode. This will keep all your food from molding while reducing the cost of powering these appliances while you're gone. Do a quick roundup of all these electrical options around your home just to be safe.

This spring, be a smart homeowner and keep your home safe while you're enjoying your vacation.

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