Home security systems reduce burglaries

Homeowners insurance can be there for you in the case of a home burglary. No one likes to think their home will be broken into, but it does happen from time to time, and getting coverage will ensure that you aren't left on your own after. Whether you have to replace several stolen items or experienced some property damage from a burglary, insurance will help you with the cost.

Even with protection and coverage, there are a few things every homeowner can do to reduce the chances that someone will try to break in. Here are some of the top home protection tips to try:

Many homes are burglarized while the owners are away on vacation. If you're going away, try to keep it quiet, or at least not blab to everyone in town that you are leaving. It is possible that thieves can figure out who will be away from word of mouth. When you're running at errands at public places like the bank, grocery store or salon, try not to vocalize that you will soon be taking a vacation, as you can easily be overheard. While you shouldn't tell everyone, there are a few people you should alert to your absence. Neighbors can be great lookouts for potential thieves while you are gone since they will know the neighborhood well and can pick out any suspicious activity. Ask a friend or neighbor to bring in or hold your mail, or tell the post office to hold it while you are gone. Piled-up mail is an indicator to thieves that no one is home.

Security system
Home alarm systems can greatly reduce the chances of someone successfully breaking into your home and stealing from you. Even a sign in the window that displays the security system can act as a deterrent to thieves. However, if you invest in a security system, don't forget to place a sign in the back in addition to the front, as thieves may try to enter a back door. The downside of security systems may be the high price.

Exterior lighting
Areas that are well-lit will help deter crime. Motion-sensor lights outside a home can alert the homeowners and neighbors when there is someone there. Installing light in shadowy areas can help keep thieves at bay. Not to mention, motion-sensor lights can save more energy compared to outdoor lights that are always on.

There are a few tell-tale signs for thieves that can alert them to a person who is either home or away. For example, an overgrown lawn or a home without many lights on can signal that no one is there. It is possible to make a home look busy and filled even while homeowners are out or away. Keeping the grass trimmed and the landscaping neat will show that there are people who live there. Lights turning on and off can show that there is someone in a home. Be sure to make your home appear to have activity inside to keep away thieves.

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