Water damage and homeowners

As a homeowner, you're probably well aware that flood insurance is usually not covered by your homeowners insurance policy. What real estate proprietors like yourself may not know is that water damage coverage comes in a variety of forms. A massive flood may not be shielded by your insurance, but some types of water damage can be, which can be beneficial to know when planning out your home construction projects. Here are a few types of water damage that are covered by your homeowners insurance:

A faulty or short circuiting dishwasher or refrigerator can be a pain to fix, but these appliances can also cause water damage to your home. If your dishwasher acts up, it could overflow and flood your kitchen. When your refrigerator breaks down, the ice will melt, and the water could seep into the wood of the home's structure and cause harm to the structure of your home.

Busted pipes
As winter rolls around, make sure that your pipes are working properly and insulated. If the pipes burst and cause water damage to your home, it will be covered by your insurance, but these broken down parts of your home could delay your entire day if you're looking to take a shower or do laundry. So make sure you get them looked at.

Fire prevention
Damage from a fire will be protected under your plan, but there is more than smoke and flames that can cause the disfigurement of your property. The fire department will use powerful streams of water to extinguish the flames, which can upset weak structures of your home and cause water damage. Your insurance policy should cover this.

Leaky roof
Some water damage caused by a leaky roof isn't covered by your homeowners insurance policy. If a storm occurs, a tree or high winds damage your roof and water gets in, it will be covered. However, if the roof is just old and water leaks in, you will have to pay for these repairs.

This can be the kryptonite to the structure of your home. If mold occurs from any of the previous types of water damage, the mold removal should also be covered.

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