Winter can be a beautiful time of the year in the United States. This is particularly true if you live in a part of the country with snowy weather. The silence of snowfall in winter is one of the most peaceful experiences life affords. However, as snow accumulates, it can create problems. When you make a homeowners insurance quotes comparison, it's a good idea to consider these winter homeowners insurance claims.

Fallen Branches/Trees

Tree branches—heavily laden with snow and ice—can fall on your home. This holds the potential for roof damage and broken windows. There might even be bodily injury claims if a branch hits someone when it falls. Sometimes entire trees will topple, which can cause even more significant damage. Trim your trees back in autumn (once the leaves start to fall) to prevent this.

Ruptured Plumbing

Deep cold can mean burst pipes. This happens when trapped water expands beyond their ability to contain the added pressure. Your insurance policy will cover you for this—if you can prove you took adequate measures to prevent the occurrence. In part, this means maintaining your household temperature at 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter season. Other preventive steps include wrapping pipes to insulate them as well as draining the water as much as possible. Some experts also recommend leaving faucets running at a slight trickle during exceptionally cold weather to keep water pressure down in the system.


Many a holiday tree has gone up in flames and taken an entire house right along with it. Winter introduces all sorts of fire hazards into the home. Shorter days mean fireplaces and romantic candlelit evenings, but you have to keep an eye on those open flames. Space heaters come out, which can cause fires if they aren't managed carefully. More cooking in the home means additional opportunities for grease fires and the like. Long story short, additional time spent indoors equates to more fire potential. HVAC filters should be inspected and cleaned as well, to prevent the possibility of fires relating to overheating.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Icy walkways and wet floors greatly expand the possibility of injuries related to falls. Make it a point to clear driveways, walkways, and porches as soon as possible after each snowfall. This precautionary measure could save someone a broken hip and free you from dealing with an insurance claim. If you have tile or wood floors, provide visitors with a means of drying footwear before encountering potentially slippery surfaces.

Watching out for these winter homeowners insurance claims will also keep your family and friends safe through the colder seasons. Accidents happen quickly if you're not careful. Exercising a bit of common sense goes a long way toward prevention in this regard. Be sure you have proper coverage in case of the unforeseen.Let CoverHound help you run a homeowners insurance quote comparison. It's easy and it's free. Try it today!

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