Summer and motorcycles

Summertime is a great time to put your car keys away and enjoy a few months on your motorcycle. Holidays, festivals, road trips and warm weather all appeal to riders during this season. With more cyclists on the road, it's much easier for a motorcycle accident to occur, especially during summer weekends. The Progressive Insurance 2014 Year in Claims Report showed that summer months, particularly the month of July and weekends, were the peak times for motorcycle insurance claims. As a result, both cyclists and drivers alike have an added responsibility to ensure road safety and prevent accidents during the summer.

Drivers must help ensure road safety
According to the Progressive Insurance report, the No.1 source of motorcycle claims came from single vehicle accidents, rivaling rear-end, intersection and stolen bikes combined. Drivers can ensure road safety for motorcyclists this summer by using their signals and always checking their blind spots. Many drivers rely solely on their mirrors when changing lanes, which is extremely dangerous to riders because it is nearly impossible for motorcyclists to avoid blind spots altogether. Every time you change lanes or turn on to a new street, it is your responsibility to ensure motorcycle safety by looking twice to make sure you aren't going to hit a rider and using your signals to alert potential riders of your intentions.

Vigilance is a life-saver for riders
Even if you're a veteran cyclist, you can't control other people or conditions on the road. No matter how long you've been on your bike, it is your responsibility to ride safely and vigilantly. Though blind spots are unavoidable, make sure to get out of spots where drivers can't see you.

Pay attention to how motor vehicles are driving on the road, and drive defensively. If someone is driving recklessly and failing to use signals correctly, avoid that driver altogether. It is your responsibility to look out for your safety by riding defensively. Wear bright, reflective clothing, and make sure your headlight is on day and night, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Take an extra step when changing lanes or turning by using hand signals in addition to your blinkers. It may seem obvious, but always wear your helmet, even if you're just going for a short ride.

Ride safely this summer, and make sure you are covered by a motorcycle insurance plan. Get quotes fast through CoverHound's easy-to-use website.

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