If you’re operating under the impression that renters insurance is a frivolity, consider this: If your apartment building was destroyed in a fire or a flood, the landlord’s insurance would rebuild the building and you’d eventually get your unit back—but it’d be empty. In other words, the best renters insurance will come to the rescue by protecting your belongings in scenarios that would otherwise seriously cost you.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance provides coverage against loss or theft of your personal belongings in your home and stored in your vehicle over a set deductible. It also covers your personal liability for injuries visitors to your home sustain while there, including medical payments. Further, if you’re forced out of your apartment, townhouse or rental home by a covered event, your living expenses will be reimbursed while your dwelling is undergoing repairs.

The Car Too…

On your way to Death Valley, you happen upon the world’s largest thermometer. Stopping for the obligatory photos, you wander into the gift shop. Returning, you discover your car has been ransacked and all of your belongings are gone. While you might think of your auto insurance first in this instance, your renters insurance policy may actually cover it. Off-premises personal possessions are often covered by renters insurance, even when they’re in your automobile.

An Epic Deluge

You’re deeply immersed in a project at work when your phone emits the staccato buzz indicating a text message has just been received. You’re busy, so you ignore it. It happens again, you ignore it again. Finally the phone starts ringing. After ignoring it three times you answer it just so you can focus on your work again. It’s your upstairs neighbor, apologizing profusely because their pipes burst and water is streaming from beneath your front door. Everything in your place touching the floor is ruined and you’re going to have to find someplace else to live for a month while your unit is restored. Good thing you have renters insurance.

A Risky Guest

Friends are over, everybody’s having a great time, when you hear that one guy (you know the one) say: “Dude, hold my drink, watch this.” Knowing this phrase always ends in disaster, you rush out to the deck to find him trying to enact a low-rent Cirque du Soleil stunt on the railing. Sure enough, he slips, lands on his face and breaks his nose. Renters insurance will cover the cost of his medical fees.

The best renters insurance will cover you in each of these three scenarios and many others. So, while you might have considered it an unnecessary expense before, you’ll be glad you got it should someone break into your car or fall off your deck. Use CoverHound to find the coverage you need at affordable rates.

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