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As any responsible motorist knows, auto insurance is required by law in almost every state across the U.S. Did you know the same goes for motorcycle insurance? Motorcyclists are required to carry (at the very minimum) a liability insurance package. This way if you’re involved in a crash that has been declared your fault, your insurance covers the costs, leaving you in the clear. And getting coverage is easy!

See how motorcycle insurance compares from top carriers when you use CoverHound, and keep reading to learn how to properly insure your motorcycle.

Hold on There, Speed Racer

You feel invincible when you’re on your bike. It’s about more than cruising down the highway and taking in the scenery. You love maneuvering on two wheels. From picking up speed to leaning into a turn, nothing is sweeter than being one with the road.

But even the most experienced motorists still get into accidents. It only takes one bad accident to forever change the course of your life. The five most common causes for motorcycle accidents are:

  • 1. Risky maneuvering
  • 2. Tailgating
  • 3. Passenger-vehicle blind spots
  • 4. Lane splitting
  • 5. Speeding

On average, motorcyclist fatalities occur 26 times more frequently than for passenger vehicle driving motorists. And every year, motorcyclists pay an average of $1.2 million in non-fatal accidents. That’s a huge sum of money. If you got into an accident, could you pay your medical and repair costs out of pocket?

Getting the Right Insurance

Why are motorcycles so much more dangerous to drive than passenger vehicles? There are three reasons:

  • 1. They are hard to see
  • 2. There are no shielding devices, like airbags
  • 3. Supported on only two wheels, they are harder to drive

Like car insurance, you can purchase liability, collision and comprehensive coverage for your motorcycle. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recommends getting all of the above to protect yourself in an accident. Here is a brief description of what each policy covers:

Liability: If you’ve been found at fault in a collision, this insurance type provides bodily injury and property damage coverage to the other motorist.

Collision: This insurance type provides coverage for medical and repair costs no matter who is at fault in the accident.

Comprehensive: This insurance type provides coverage if your bike has been stolen, damaged or vandalized.

Everything comes at a price. The only price you should be paying for your insurance premium is an affordable one. To get a great deal on your motorcycle insurance, use CoverHound today.

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