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More and more people are taking driver’s education courses completely online, and for a variety of reasons -- including saving on car insurance.

Online driving courses are especially big among cost-conscious seniors. According to a report on the WSJ blog, AARP’s online driver safety course hosted more than 60,000 students last year, up 30% from the year before.

Taking a driver’s ed course online makes a lot of sense, at least financially. Many courses cost less than $25, which can be made up in a matter of months after the resulting dip in your monthly car insurance rate. Additionally, it’s always healthy to brush up on the rules of the road; no matter how skilled you may be on the road, it can’t hurt to re-master road signs and safety regulations.

Critics of online driving courses assert, somewhat understandably, that there is no substitution for getting behind the actual wheel of the car. Accordingly, there is a limit to how much can be learned from these courses, and new drivers should immerse themselves in a traditional, brick-and-mortar driver’s ed course includes real time behind the wheel.

Nevertheless, the benefits of online drivers education courses are clear for some. If you’re looking for a refresher course on the rules of the road, or simply want to reduce your car insurance rates -- they are a good idea.


Here's a first-hand account of a drivers ed course from someone on the CoverHound team.

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