How to move safely

Let's just get it out there: Moving is the worst. Going through every room in your house or apartment to pack all the stuff you own can be time consuming and tiring. Even if you're in good shape, the process will probably leave you exhausted. Getting this done as fast as you can is probably the top priority, but slow down for a second. Packing up too quickly or speeding on the drive to your new home could result in some of the items in your boxes being broken or a car accident. Here are a few ways you can have a safe and secure move:

Pack appropriately
You may have found all the items you're going to take with you and donated the things that you don't need, so its time to pack the essentials. While throwing everything into boxes can help speed up this process, you should take a few minutes to properly organize everything. You could break valuables if you blindly put items together.

Instead of randomly tossing all your stuff into boxes, organize it by sections of your house and types of item. For instance, you can pack away all your kitchen bowls in one box and clothes in a different one. This way, you'll be able to find everything quicker. Don't forget to wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and write "fragile" on the side of the box.

Pick the right moving company
Unless you consider yourself a seasoned mover, leave it to the professionals. With movers, you won't have to worry about breaking any items yourself, and you know that these movers have done this before. Investigate a few moving companies and see which has the best track record. You'll feel more comfortable knowing your prized possessions are in the hands of movers who have good customer referrals and have been doing this for years.

Accidents can happen during a move, so it's a smart idea to make sure your homeowners insurance is enacted before you depart from your previous home. This will financially and legally protect you in case a mover is hurt during this process or if your home is damaged.

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