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Food truckThere are few specific food truck insurance products that one can purchase to satisfy all the needs of the business. What is therefore recommended is a blend of different types of coverages that will protect all aspects of the mobile operation.

Food trucks, despite their inherent financial benefits for the owner (i.e. saving on real estate costs), can pose more dangers than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, necessitating a greater amount of insurance.

Here is a breakdown of all the risks and how to piece together food truck insurance.

  • Getting into an accident on the road. Food trucks are just like any other vehicle, moving from destination to destination poses a danger in terms of getting involved in accident. The stakes are higher, though, because your business interests are invested directly into the truck. Solution: Commercial auto insurance.
  • Damage to a grill or oven, apart from the truck. Many food truck businesses have supplemental aspects of the food preparation outside the truck, so as grill that might be towed behind the truck. These could also get seriously damaged on the road. Solution: Business property coverage.

  • Food poisoning. Speaks for itself. You want to be protected against anyone becoming ill from the food you serve. Solution: General liability insurance.

  • Someone slipping or falling around your food truck. Just like any other business, food trucks could be responsible for personal injuries in and around the establishment. Solution: General liability insurance.

As the number of catering trucks proliferate so do the number of custom solutions for food truck insurance. Some new companies have sprouted up offering to sell such a product. We don’t have direct experience with any of them, but recommend that you look into Insure My Foodtruck -- a great site that helps gourmet food trucks get the right coverage affordably.

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