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Auto repair insurance is different from other insurance types because it does not require that your car is damaged in a collision, or as a result of a natural disaster or vandalism. It basically covers the natural wear and tear on your car -- mechanical failures, any problems not caused by an accident. Vehicles can simply break down without any direct cause. These repairs can nevertheless be extremely costly. Auto repair insurance helps protect you against owing a big lump sum. It is important to note, CoverHound does not offer auto repair insurance.

Some drivers opt for car repair insurance instead of extending the warranty on their car. For some, this is a less expensive way of covering their vehicles. Most vehicle warranties expire after three or four years. A cynic could assert that warranties traditionally last this long because that’s when cars tend to break down.

Auto repair insurance is often broken down into sub-categories as well. Standard repair insurance generally covers the wear and tear on your car plus breakdowns. But some companies only offer breakdown coverage, meaning they will only cover repairs brought about by breakable parts.

Clearly it’s best to be armed with knowledge when you start out looking for auto repair insurance. Ask your general car insurance provider whether your comprehensive coverage covers repairs outside the scope of accidents or natural disasters. Chances are it doesn’t. Then look in to your car’s warranty. If it’s still good, your car’s wear and tear and general breakdown should be covered. If you’re looking to forgo a warranty but still want to protect against have to shell out a large sum of money in the case of your car’s non-accident-related breakdown, auto repair insurance may make sense. But you’d have to round up the numbers and do a cost comparison.

Car repair insurance is a good weigh to spread apart the cost of upkeep on your vehicle. You'll avoid writing a big check one day, but writing small checks for the coverage each month.

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