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BanksyData shows that anti-theft devices make cars much more difficult to vandalize or steal. Car insurance carriers are aware of this fact and are therefore quick to offer discounts for drivers who place such devices in their cars.

Anti-theft devices like OnStar and Lojack provide alarm services at the site of your vehicle and a digital support system from the provider monitoring any signs of trouble. These products work so well that some states will even give you a discount for using them, before your carrier has an opportunity to offer you a discount.

Disabling devices allow drivers to cut off their ignitions instantly either remotely or while in the vehicle. They can make the car next to impossible to drive, at the push of a button. Meaning that if someone steals your car, you can pretty much make certain it’s not going anywhere. Insurers like that too.

More and more new cars feature anti-theft and/or disabling devices upon release. Keep this in mind if you’re shopping for a new vehicle, as either feature could help you save money on your monthly premiums.

In terms of cost, whether the car is new and comes factory equipped with these devices or if you choose to add them yourself at a later time, there will be some initial costs. Nevertheless, because you can save between 5-15% on your monthly car insurance premiums as a result of these safety measures, you can make back the initial investment relatively quickly. Plus you are generally improving the safety of your vehicle, making it much less likely to be stolen. And you can’t put a price on avoiding major hassles.

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