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Blast the trumpets and bang the drums! 🎺 🥁 It’s National Women’s Small Business Month!

For one month out of the year, we get to celebrate women for their entrepreneurial spirit and boundless success. After all, female-owned businesses retain 8.4 million employees AND produce a $264 billion payroll. What can you do to support your local business women? It’s easy-check out the best three ways to do it!

1. Visit a locally-owned business and buy something: Number one on our list is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? The purchase doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as small as buying a candy bar. The point is, you have supported a local business, its owner, and your community at large!

2. Share your favorite purchase on social and tag the business: Americans spend over 11 hours per day skimming through their social media feeds liking pictures and favoriting memes. One way to get the word out for your favorite local business is by giving them a shout-out on Instagram and Twitter.

3. Say it with a Thank You: If you frequent your local businesses on the regular, write a ‘thank you’ card to the owner expressing your appreciation for their establishment. Include why you love their products, enjoy the atmosphere, and what keeps you coming back. They’ll love it - and it’ll build a tighter relationship between you!

Phew! There now, you see? It doesn’t take much to prop up your favorite locally-owned shops and restaurants. And when you support your local business women, you’re showing them and your community that you value what they’re bringing to the table - in some cases literally!

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