Greenest cities for car buying

Those shopping for a car these days take a number of things into account, from the style of the ride to auto insurance costs, but fuel efficiency is becoming more of a concern.

Californians are the most eco-friendly when it comes to car buying, according to a recent report from, an online vehicle buying resource. The state has seven of the top 10 most green cities when it comes to car shopping.

The market for fuel-efficient vehicles is only growing, and automakers are responding with more solutions. From pickup trucks with EcoBoost technology to cars that turn off when they stop, there seems to be no limit to what technologies will accompany a car to make it more fuel-efficient.

"While California continues to lead in car shoppers' adoption of hybrid and electric cars, overall demand for these green cars has led car companies to make hybrids in all shapes and sizes, capable of accommodating the needs of just about any type of driver," said Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor at "Inventory of hybrid and electric cars on is already up 22 percent this year, further demonstrating that automakers are catching up to car shopper demand."Here's the list where vehicle shoppers are the most eco-friendly:

San Francisco
Charlottesville, Va.
Los Angeles
San Diego
Monterey-Salinas, Calif.
Chico, Calif.
Santa Barbara-Santa Mario-San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Portland, Ore.
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif.

Buying a fuel-efficient ride likely makes a shopper feel good that they are helping Mother Nature, but that's not to say these owners don't stand to gain. Wiesenfelder added that as gas prices are continuing to rise, vehicle shoppers have all the more reason to buy fuel-efficient cars.

Greenest rides on the market
Kelley Blue Book recently published its list of greenest cars. Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for KBB​, also pointed at that fuel-efficient options are expanding, both in quantity and quality, giving riders a wider range in prices.

"The all-new BMW i3 is our top pick this year," Nerad said. "Built at an ecologically friendly plant, the i3 is offered in all-electric and gasoline-assisted range-extender versions, and it features an ultra-light carbon-fiber body to help squeeze maximum range from its battery pack. Its interior boasts plenty of recycled materials and door panels formed from visible natural fibers."

Here's the list:

BMW i3
Nissan Leaf
Toyota Prius
Honda Accord Hybrid
Tesla Model S
Chevrolet Volt
Ford C-Max Hybrid
Honda Civic CNG
Lexus ES 300h
Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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