Press Kit

CoverHound logos and colors for all to take.

CoverHound's Logo

Proper Usage

  1. Only use CoverHound logo in conjunction with CoverHound products.
  2. Always use the full CoverHound logo in its entirety.
  3. The image of the hound and the word Hound are brown, not black.
Logo blue brown

Improper Usage

  1. Do not change the colors of the logo.
  2. Do not use the hound as a customized icon, like a bullet point or a period.
  3. Do not use drop shadows.
  4. Don’t reproduce smaller than 100 x 50px.
  • Logo blue
    Wrong colors
  • Logo blue brown drop
    Drop shadow

  • Take What You Need

    Logo blue brown
    Small 100 x 27 Small 100 x 27 All Sizes 771 kb
    Medium 150 × 41 Medium 150 × 41
    Large 250 x 69 Large 250 x 69

    CoverHound's Positioning



  • Standard Version
  • HTML Version
  • CoverHound is redefining how people shop for insurance. Founded in May 2010 by Basil Enan, CoverHound provides consumers with instant, accurate and actionable rates from leading insurance carriers. The CoverHound team is comprised of insurance veterans from companies like InsWeb, Unitrin Direct and State Farm. A Winter 2011 AngelPad graduate, CoverHound received seed funding from Blumberg Capital in June 2011. For more information, or to try the service, please visit



    CoverHound Homepage Video

    3D animation helps you learn even more about CoverHound.

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