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How To Make Sure Your Car Insurance Claims Get Paid

How to make sure you recoup your losses if the accident wasn’t your fault? The first thing to do is take photos of the accident, and your car. Cell phone pictures will do the trick. Be liberal with the photography; you can’t have too many photos.

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Online Drivers Ed Helps People Save On Auto Insurance

Most of us remember drivers ed the same way. We were in high school. There were tedious classroom hours with an over-caffeinated teacher and culture-of-fear movies about blood splattering red on the highways. Then there was the time spent behind the wheel with an instructor, who somehow had a brake pedal on his side.

It turns out that temporality is getting digitized, and more and more people are taking driver’s education courses online, and a for a variety of reasons -- including saving on car insurance.

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State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

See more tips and information about auto insurance in your state:

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How Carriers Sell Car Insurance

An inside look into how carriers distribute and market car insurance. Learn about the three main buckets: direct, hybrid and captive carriers.

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Car Insurance In A Hurricane

If you have comprehensive coverage your car should be insured against all natural disasters, including high winds and flooding (i.e. a hurricane). You might want to phone your carrier quickly to make sure that your policy is comprehensive. Chances are that it is.