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Car flooding in water

Car Insurance In A Natural Disaster

One of the last things you want to think about during a natural disaster is your car (unless you need to drive somewhere quickly). But, just like the rest of your property, your vehicle can get seriously destroyed or damaged in a natural disaster.

So it’s best to take steps beforehand to make sure you’re covered and won’t have to pay for the damages of out pocket. A comprehensive policy is the best option.

Speeding ticket

Do Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Traffic tickets can also pose collateral problems for your car insurance premiums. Most states have a points system for driving offenses; insurance companies have access to this information.

You can go to driving school to get points reduced from your record but that class may cost more than the increase in your premium. And then there is the cost of the ticket itself. Any way you look at it, traffic tickets are extremely costly.

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Med pay car insurance

What Is Med Pay Car Insurance?

Car insurance protects your car, not the people inside of it. Med Pay covers the medical payments of all passengers in your vehicle if they are injured in an accident.

Med Pay covers the medical costs resulting from an car accident, regardless of who was at fault. Only injuries caused directly by the accident will be covered by Med Pay, and limits are usually low.

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State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

See more tips and information about auto insurance in your state:

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What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Despite the added cost, Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a sagacious move. One in seven American drivers is without insurance and if one of those drivers crashes in to you he will almost surely not be able to pay you for damages and losses.

In 2010 alone, uninsured drivers cost Americans almost $11 billion in damages that cannot and will not be re-paid.

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What Is Personal Injury Protection (Pip) Insurance

PIP is an extension of car insurance that covers medical expenses and, in many cases, lost wages. It is often called “no-fault” coverage because its inherent comprehensiveness pays out claims agnostic of who caused the accident.

If you have PIP insurance and are hurt in accident, you can receive maximum benefits whether or not the accident was your fault. On top of medical bills and lost wages, PIP insurance can also cover expenses like transportation to medical appointments and lawn repair.

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What Is Pay As You Go Auto Insurance? And Is It A Good Idea?

Pay-as-go-you insurance can generally be defined as coverage with costs based on how much you drive. In its most basic form, your car insurance premiums are based on the number of miles you drive every month. So providers in this space can also factor in how, where and when you drive.

This genre of car insurance has long been applauded by environmentalist groups believing that the combination of context, awareness and financial incentive work to convince people to drive less.