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Motorcycle safety tips

Motorcycle safety tips

Unfortunately, motorcycles pose dangers that other types of vehicles don't present on the road. If you're a motorcycle lover who loves to cruise, just remember that safety is more important than looking fly. Here are a few safety tips to travel in style while still remaining out of harm's way:


What to know about motorcycle insurance

When it comes to your motorcycle, you want protection out there on the road. After all, you are more exposed to the elements and other drivers than you would be in a car.

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Motorcycle insurance    frequently asked questions

Motorcycle Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

In traditional car insurance terms, liability coverage pertains to coverage extended to other people in your car -- and it’s almost always mandatory. The thinking is that some passengers lack medical insurance and the national economy needs to be protected from injured folks who can’t pay their medical bills.

Liability coverage for motorcycle drivers is more optional; it’s called guest passenger coverage, and if you truly believe you will never have any passengers on your back then it could be a way to save money on insurance. We don’t recommend this path, but it’s obviously a personal choice.

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State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

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