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Durable motorcycles 2014

Durable Motorcycles For 2014

With thousands of bikes on the market, you may have trouble deciding which one is right for you. A bike should have good gas mileage, be safe for driving conditions and not to mention look cool. Along with buying a durable bike, you should also purchase motorcycle insurance before you get on your hog. An insurance plan can help you cover the cost of your bike's repairs and your injuries in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident. If you're looking for a new bike this year, here are a few durable hogs for you to choose from in 2014.

Motorcycle purchase tips

Motorcycle Buying Guide

If you're a rider, you've likely already undergone a motorcycle safety course and gotten your license. Once you decide that you are ready to ride free on the road, it's time to start shopping for a motorcycle of your own. While getting a new bike may seem like an exciting endeavor, it is often a major transaction that should be considered carefully and thoughtfully. Here are a few tips for buying a motorcycle:

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Spring motorcycle repair tips

Spring Motorcycle Repair Tips

After a brutal winter, you may want to work off the stress by getting on your hog and hitting the open road. Taking a joy ride on your motorcycle can be a great way to start off the spring, but after a long winter, your ride may need some maintenance.

Icon state tips

State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

See more tips and information about auto insurance in your state:

Motorcycle theft prevention

Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

There are many attractive things about motorcycles that make people want to buy them and ride on the open road. However, the cool factor and value of motorcycles can also attract thieves to steal them right off the street. Motorcycle theft is more common than you might think, and can have a significant impact on motorcycle insurance rates.

Vintage motorcycle insurance

What To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

If you consider yourself to be a motorcycle guy or gal, you might have an appreciation for vintage models. You might even own a vintage motorcycle. As a tribute to the past and built for speed and style, classic motorcycles have a very popular place in the U.S. Classic rides are often very valuable and sometimes come with expensive repairs with hard-to-find parts. While every roadster should get motorcycle insurance, coverage for a vintage motorcycle can be a little different.

Motorcycle safety tips in rain

Riding In The Rain: Motorcycle Safety Tips

For some motorcycle enthusiasts, the sight of a rain cloud may be the bearer of bad news or strike fear in the hearts of those already on the road. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ride safer in the rain and not let the weather get in the way of the passion to ride.