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Title Insurance - What Is It?

In the market to buy a house? You may want to do some research on title insurance before you do. It's mandatory to obtain if you are getting a mortgage. This is because most mortgage lending companies require it for the amount equal to the loan. So what exactly is this mandatory insurance?

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Flood Insurance - A Buyer's Guide

The most important thing to remember about flood insurance is that it's not part of your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. That is, if you have only homeowners or renters insurance your belongings are not protected against floods.

You therefore have to get your flood insurance separately, which is still not as simple as it sounds. That is because only about one in five homes in America are at risk for a flood, and those dwellings are clustered in flat areas next to large bodies of water.

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Homeowners Insurance - The Basics

Homeowners insurance protects your home in the case of peril or lawsuit. Instances that fall under the category of peril are wind, fire, hail, lightning and theft. Lawsuit protection comes in handy if/when a visitor gets injured while inside your home.

Obviously buying a home is an enormous investment -- perhaps the biggest financial investment of your lifetime. Homeowners Insurance the best way to protect this financial asset.

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State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

See more tips and information about auto insurance in your state:

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What Is Umbrella Insurance, And Do You Need It?

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance that will protect you financially if you are sued for a large amount of money. Auto and home policies have limits that are agreed upon at the time you set and sign the policy and can often help to determine the price. The higher the limit, the higher the cost of the policy.

But limits are limits, and by definition carriers will not exceed them in their payouts. If you want fiscal protection against a large lawsuit, umbrella insurance is the way to go to best protect you and your most valuable material assets.