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Home security systems reduce burglaries

Home Protection Tips

Homeowners insurance can be there for you in the case of a home burglary. No one likes to think their home will be broken into, but it does happen from time to time, and getting coverage will ensure that you aren't left on your own after. Whether you have to replace several stolen items or experienced some property damage from a burglary, insurance will help you with the cost.

House fires and homeowners insurance

What The Turkey?

According to State Farm Insurance, more fires occur on Thanksgiving as a result of cooking turkey than any other holiday, wrecking havoc on homeowners insurance policies. In 2013, Thanksgiving was the leading day for house fires. To avoid this holiday disaster next year and making an insurance claim, here are a few things to know about fire insurance coverage:

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Frozen pipes in the winter and homeowners insurance

What To Know About Frozen Pipes

Following one of the coldest winter storms in history, many Americans experienced water damage after their plumbing pipes froze and burst. While water damage and burst pipes are an unfortunate event that can cause a lot of inconvenience, most homeowners insurance policies do cover water damage. However, it is important to check your policy for water damage as a result of a flood. To protect your home from water damage, there are a few things to know about frozen pipes during the winter:

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State Specific Auto Insurance Tips

See more tips and information about auto insurance in your state:

Ice dams in gutters can cause leaks indoors

Winter Home Dangers

When the cold seasons rolls around, the elements may wage a war against homes that aren't prepared for a change in weather. To stay safe and make it through winter, note some of the top dangers to houses from the weather:

Save money on home insurance

Save On Homeowners Insurance Next Year

As 2013 wraps up, homeowners everywhere will begin to buckle down on their finances, as more Americans have resolved to save money as a New Year's resolution than ever before, according to a study by Fidelity. As a simple way to save money, here are few tips for reducing your homeowners insurance next year:

Setting your alarm

What To Do Before Going On Vacation

The holidays are a great opportunity for families to get together and visit each other, and millions of Americans go on vacation during this time every year. Unfortunately, when homeowners go on vacation, they often leave their properties open to theft and damage. If you're going away this holiday season, be sure to take a few of these security measures to protect your home and belongings: