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Home is your personal haven and most likely your largest investment, so be sure to protect it with the right homeowners insurance policy. We are here to help find you the policy that best fits you and your family's needs.

So, what does homeowners insurance cover?

  • Dwelling Coverage: This pays to repair and rebuild your home. It's important that you have enough dwelling coverage that will cover the cost to rebuild your home.
  • Personal Property Coverage: This covers damages to items such as clothing, furniture and electronics.
  • Other Structures Coverage: This covers damages to structures that are not connected to your home, such as a garage, shed or fence.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: This covers the costs, such as a hotel room, if you have to move out of your home while it's being repaired.
  • Liability Insurance: This covers you in the event of a lawsuit in case you or your family members are responsible for causing injuries or damages to other people on your property.
  • Additional Home Coverages: There are many add-ons for your homeowners insurance policy. Talk to your CoverHound Insurance Advisor about these options.

What's not covered?

Typically, floods and earthquakes are excluded. Speak with your CoverHound Insurance Advisor for supplemental insurance that you can purchase to cover these.

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Start the quote online or pick up the phone and call us. One of our licensed Insurance Advisors will walk you through every step, from comparison to purchase, offering unbiased advice of which insurance carrier best matches your needs. Plus, we will help you figure out which discounts apply to you so you can get the best savings.

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Why CoverHound?

  • CoverHound adds transparency to the insurance industry, offering accurate rates and a curated list of best options within 5 minutes.
  • CoverHound customers could save up to 20% when they bundle their Auto and Homeowners policies.
  • We do not charge brokerage fees. CoverHound is free to use. Our carriers pay us a commission based on policy sales and renewals.
  • Our insurance advisors are compensated based on service, not sales commissions. They offer objective recommendations to help you find the best policy.

Did you know that you might already qualify for certain homeowners insurance discounts?

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