Those two guys have to go to Vegas for work. Not a bad lot.

If you’re in town for LeadsCon or just looking for something to do in Las Vegas (because there’s nothing else to do there), stop by the Mirage on Tuesday, February 28 from 4:30-5:00pm.

Basil will be a member of a panel discussing “Innovation in Mature Markets.”

He’ll talk about all the great things we’re up to here at CoverHound, including our challenges in attempting to shake up a very traditional industry. He will share his thoughts on our innovation route and how working within the insurance system has helped CoverHound produce an objective comparison platform from the inside.

Basil will be onstage alongside Ethan Anderson (CEO of Offerslot) and Bill McNulty (CEO of IRAmarket), in a panel discussion moderated by Joe Deal.

LeadsCon is the leading conference dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of those operating in the online marketing industry. LeadsCon provides a unique and collaborative environment for networking and sharing -- and we plan to take full advantage.

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